30 video sessions to help you start your French Learning experience.

Whether debuting your French language journey or brushing up on the basics of French. The Just-Languages kit is a perfect way to get started. The language kit covers grammar and vocabulary basics to get you through a multitude of situations at the station, hiring a car or having a basic conversation with someone.

Level - Beginner

The Starter kit is a perfect way to kick start your learning experience at your own pace.

Coming Soon

Looking to start your French language journey now ? Check out our conversation groups which are a fun and chilled way to start your French language discovery.


Course Offerings

Get to grips with the grammar basics

In the Just-Languages starter kit you will cover the basic grammar behind the 5 main grammar tenses that you need to know and these will be put to use in within practical situations to help you master their use.

Be holiday ready

Within the starter kit, you will see vocabulary sets put into practice that will help you through several sometimes tricky situations in French including but not limited to :
Ordering in a restaurant
Booking a train ticket
Call a breakdown vehicle
At the doctor’s

No Stress

The Just-Languages Starter kit has been created to help you learn or brush up on basic French at a time and place that suits you. The videos are created in a way that you can stop, rewind, double check the content and not feel under pressure at any time.


What Our Students Say

Been great learning on the zoom classes they are relaxed and Laura is very patient!! Also great for my son who has 1-2-1 sessions to prepare for the Brevet – Laura researches the topics and papers and shows him where to focus and where to watch out (Passe simple!!) 

Tom Blenkiron

Ici j’apprends le français et l’anglais pour le même prix en 1 cours;) Très bien que les cours puissent continuer via Zoom malgré les restrictions Covid !

Here I learn both French and English for the same price in 1 course;) Very nice that the lessons can still continue via Zoom despite the Covid restrictions!

Gwen Pieters

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