Helping hand service

Have you made the move to France but are struggling to figure out the mounds of paperwork – all to simply get your carte vitale? Unable to change internet provider or set up a meeting with an accountant to register your business? 

Don’t worry, Just Languages is here to help!

With our experience, coupled with our fluency in French, we are here and happy to help you with all of these tricky set up issues in order to make your new life in France as stress free as possible.


We can help in the following ways:


We can help you make an application for a new connection, or to change service providers, or help you through the process where you may have a temporary service for a new build or renovation.


Had an accident and not too sure what do or who to contact? Don’t worry Just-Languages can help you through the process and liaise with the relevant parties to help you get through the process with as little stress as possible! 

Business registration

Whether you have a small paying hobby, or an enterprise that employs multiple people, we can help you with the paperwork, form-filling and translating. We can even recommended designers and web builders to get you up and running online.


We can help you choose the most appropriate service provider for your area, based on your needs, including fixed-line, mobiles, internet and TV. Also lending a helping hand with the form-filling.

Social security number

This can be a difficult process, and there are various regimes that can be used, whether you are retired or want to be employed or self-employed. We will be with you every step of the way.


We can help you with the paperwork for your income tax or habitation tax, and help you complete the complicated forms. Please kindly note, we are not tax advisors.


We can help with a new connection or transferring the connection if you buy a house.

Corporate training

French training for companies (French and English) – industry specific Face to Face/Online/and the Production of eLearning content. Including Data Protection and Information Security introduction training (French & English) 

Bank accounts

This can be a little different in France from what you are used to. It often requires a visit to the branch, and lots of paperwork. We can help with translating the paperwork relating to opening your bank account.

Car insurance

We can help with the process of choosing the right insurance policy that suits your needs, vehicle and the numbers of drivers, and of course help you with filling out the forms and making enquiries on your behalf.

Health insurance

Called a mutuelle in France, this provides some additional financial assurance should you need medical treatment. Various types are available, and we can signpost you to some providers, and translate the forms and help you complete them.

Meeting your maire

Your local Maire is an important person to meet, and the Mairie is often the first place to call on if you need to do renovation work or building work at your property. We can attend meetings with you and provide a translation service for that meeting, along with any form-filling that may be required.

But it doesn’t stop there… We are also on hand to help with:

  • Making medical and other appointments 
  • Liaising with schools 
  • Finding a local creche or childminder 
  • Making your initial move to France (advising on what forms you need, visas, notaires etc.) 

We’re here. Ready to translate, form-fill and hold your hand the whole way!

Fill in our handy form to find out more, and to book any of our hand holding services.

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